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Navigating the CDAP Grant Application Process: Tips and Best Practices

A CDAP grant can be used by individuals who want to push through digital adoption. As an entrepreneur, you can apply for a subsidy to cover your expenses while integrating your business into a more digital-friendly platform.

You can use the grant to hire a trusted consultant who will help you create a Digital Adoption Plan (DAP). Or you can also use the subsidy to purchase the needed software or hardware for your digital integration.

Apart from professional help and software, you can also use the subsidy for training your workers on how to use these new technologies you’ve acquired. If you’re not sure how a DAP works, the digital advisors you work with will help you throughout the process.

What Is a CDAP Grant?

Before applying for a CDAP grant, you must know what it’s all about and how you can benefit from it. The Canada Digital Adoption Program or CDAP grant offers $4 billion in funding for small to medium-sized businesses that want to pursue digital transformation.

CDAP grants include the Boost Your Business Technology grant which gives you $15,000 to access hiring a digital advisor. The cost of hiring this professional will be shouldered by the grant and you won’t have to worry about spending any money.

If you want to qualify for the subsidy, you have to be incorporated at least at a national or provincial level. In some cases, you need to be a Canadian resident sole proprietor or a privately-owned for-profit entity. You also need to have at least 1 to 499 full-time equivalent employees and a revenue of $500,000 or earn not more than $100 million.

How to Apply for a CDAP Grant

It helps to be aware of how to apply for a CDAP grant before you do anything. It’s because you want to begin with the right process and eliminate the chances of submitting the wrong data or information. You also have to make sure you are submitting the proper documents and data.

1.   Check if You Are Eligible for the Grant

As mentioned above, you have to be eligible to apply for a CDAP grant. Apart from those points already mentioned, you also need to be a consumer-facing business and provide in-person services to your clients or customers.

Your recent tax year annual revenue should be at least $30,000 and you commit to maintaining the digital adoption strategy for at least 6 months. It’s also important to note that you have agreed to participate in follow-up surveys.

The grant will need you to share your experience after adopting the new technologies. You will also have to agree to have your name published as a subsidy recipient. If you find yourself agreeing to these requirements, you are ready to apply for a CDAP grant.

2.   Fill in the Online Application Form

CDAP grant application forms are available online on the official CDAP website. You can search them up and start filling in the information needed. Remember that you need to be concise and truthful about the data that you input.

When you start applying for CDAP grants, they will double-check all the data that you’ve submitted and will look for proof. When submitting the form, you will also be asked to attach proof or statements that could back up your claim.

Be always truthful and open about your financial situation on the application. The subsidy wants to help entrepreneurs who are truly in need of digital adoption changes. Make sure that you have proof or statements ready to submit with your application.

3.   Gather and Submit the Required Documentation

You will have to gather the required documentation before you can apply for a CDAP grant. Mostly these documents would include your ownership of your business as well as other financial statements that will prove you are earning money from your products and services.

The program wants to make sure that they are awarding the subsidy to the right people. Other business owners only want to get their hands on the subsidy but are not interested in using new technologies or doing digital adoption at all.

You will have to prove to the program that you are willing to make the necessary changes. Show them how your business needs a digital adoption plan and how it could drastically improve your performance in the market.

4.   Collect a Copy of the Following to Submit:

a. Business Registration Certificate

The documentation needed from you by the subsidy would include proof of your business in Canada. You must have your business operating in Canada before accessing the grant. That’s why you have to prepare certifications that you are an active and operating business in the country.

b. Most Recent Financial Statements

Another certification needed from you would include your income statement or revenue. The grant wants to see if you are truthful about how much your company makes annually. They also need to gauge whether you can pay your employees and how many are currently working for you.

5.   Create a Business Plan for How You Will Use Your CDAP Grant

When you create a business plan or a DAP, you have to consider how you will use the grant to fund your new technologies. Since the Boost Your Business Technology grant allows you to hire a digital advisor without breaking the bank, you can take advantage of this.

Let your advisor guide you through creating a DAP. Your DAP should specify what kind of digital platforms or technologies you plan on acquiring. You will also have to put in detail how to integrate these technologies into your current business system.

Be precise and detailed about your business plans. It’s also important to mention how long you plan on implementing your DAP. Usually, you have up to v months to continuously implement and use your DAP and new technologies.

Making Sure Your CDAP Application Pushes Through

CDAP grants are best when you want your business to be more competitive in the market. The program can give you the funding that you need to adopt new technologies and help with e-commerce challenges for some businesses.

The subsidy will also assist you in adopting and implementing new digital skill developments. What’s great about the grant is that they focus on small to medium-sized businesses. Growth is an important part of the market and cultivating new technology in emerging businesses can create amazing results.

If you’re planning to apply for a CDAP grant, you don’t have to worry. As long as you’ve filled up the application and submitted the requirements, all you have to do is wait for approval. Once you acquire the CDAP grant the next step is to transform your business into a new and modern one.

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